From Tired, Stressed and Unwell to Feeling Fabulous

Are you frustrated by your ill health, struggling to find out why you are unwell, and disheartened by worsening symptoms that nothing seems to help?

Tired, Stressed and Unwell to Feeling Fabulous

How Can Bioresonance Therapy Improve Health & Wellbeing?

Are you frustrated by your ill health, struggling to find out why you are unwell, and disheartened by worsening symptoms that nothing seems to help?

You want to resolve those niggling, persistent symptoms and health issues but have tried different approaches, therapies and lifestyle changes only to feel frustrated by all the conflicting advice, or think that you seem to be missing the vital part of the puzzle that would make all these things work.

Good health is part of your natural makeup.  The body is designed to be healthy, and everything it does supports that primary state – after all, that is how we survive as a species!  The body has many built-in functions to assist – its internal pharmacy, defense mechanisms and repair processes – clever, isn’t it? – and all of this is managed second by second by a complex series of hundreds and thousands of feedback loops which allow the body to continually respond to changes in both its internal and external environments – a process known as the Homeostatic Balance.

You become ill when that balance is lost. The body can no longer respond to potentially harmful changes, and it develops symptoms to alert you to the problem.

So what to do?

Resolving symptoms, and the associated ill health is all about finding out why your essential homeostatic balance is lost – in other words identifying the underlying causes of your symptoms. And what are these? Well, sadly many of the trappings of our modern lives; disturbance from EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) from electrical equipment, mobiles phones and Wi-Fi for instance, chemicals in our homes, the air we breathe and the products we use daily, poor diets which are too acidic, and the stress and pace of our everyday lives.  All of these impair the homeostatic balance and

create a toxic environment in our bodies meaning that when we come into contact with pathogens – parasites, bacteria, and viruses – which inevitably we will, our systems are less able to cope, and we become ill.

“All well and good,” I hear you saying, “but how do I solve my problems and symptoms?

After all, I’ve tried all sorts, and nothing seems to help, I don’t know what to do, or I want to take a more natural approach to my well-being. How do I solve the problem?”

Well, resolving your persistent symptoms and niggling health issues is all about identifying and removing these causes, helping the body to repair from the disturbance and effects of your symptoms, and improving your environment, lifestyle and diet to help protect your re-found healthier balance for the future.

And BaPS Bioresonance therapy could be your answer!

So What is BaPS Bioresonance?

BaPS Bioresonance is a non-invasive and drug-free therapy that utilizes the body’s energy systems to facilitate good health by reinstating balance and self-regulation.  It’s quite a scientific therapy and one you have probably already experienced in a different form without actually realizing it!  It can be explained using some basic scientific concepts so here comes the science bit but don’t worry – I promise to keep it simple!

The therapy uses the standard scientific fact that all matter, regardless of what it is, is constructed of tiny particles held together by electromagnetic force.  You probably remember the idea of solids, liquids, and gases from your school’s days? Solids – lots of tightly packed particles held together by strong force, so they’re rigid and don’t move, liquids – fewer particles less tightly packed so that they can move and change shape, and gases with even fewer particles and force – get the idea?  Because everything looks and is different, everything is made up of different amounts of particles, in different formations and with different amounts of the electromagnetic force holding them together, and because that electromagnetic force is an energy it can be measured as a frequency or oscillation (again remember this from school?) so therefore everything has its unique frequency.

Phew – still with me?  Good – then let’s look at how this relates to you and Bioresonance Therapy.

You, like everything else, are constructed of tiny particles held together by electromagnetic force, and because every part of you is different, every part of you are made up of different amounts of particles held together by different amounts of energy. Therefore, every individual part of you – each organ, tissue, and even each type of cell – has its unique frequency or oscillation.  And it is these frequencies, or energy, that we work within Bioresonance.  Extensive studies have identified the „normal‟ frequency ranges for each of the parts of the body, and has been shown that when the organs, tissues, etc. are within these frequency ranges they are functioning properly, and when they aren’t within those ranges there’s an issue – something is wrong and that particular part of the body isn’t working correctly so therefore isn’t „healthy‟.

When testing with Bioresonance, we are effectively going through the entire body to identify where frequencies are within the ideal range or not; a very similar process to an MRI scan, for instance. So remember I said earlier that you have probably already experienced Bioresonance without realizing it?  Well, if you’ve ever had an MRI scan, then that would be an application of bioresonance!  MRI scans are checking the frequencies of the area being scanned too and highlighting where those frequencies are incorrect; in other words, where there is a problem.  Brain scans, electrocardiograms and many other testing procedures used in modern medicine take the same approach.

Now these modern medical procedures tend to be utilized for diagnostics only, and tend to focus only on where the disturbances are.  Bioresonance Therapy allows us to go a little further using the same principles of everything having a unique frequency to identify elements in the body that shouldn’t be there in addition to disturbances to the body itself. So for instance, it is possible to detect the presence of toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, and viruses. Remember, it is these that are disrupting your precious homeostatic balance which leads to those persistent symptoms and the poor health you are experiencing.

Once disturbances are identified correcting oscillations can then be fed into the body to balance the affected organs, systems and cells, and cancel out those relating to the disturbing factories – the toxins and pathogens. As a result, the body can regain its homeostatic balance and ability to self-regulate, symptoms are resolved, and you can return to a state of better health.

Simple really!

Given this approach to therapy, which focuses on the body as a whole, supporting and reinstating its own natural abilities to heal, restore and maintain good health, almost any condition can benefit from Bioresonance and, due to its gentle, non-invasive nature, it offers a drug free solution that can be used on any age group, including young children, and even with animals.

But good health is not just about the therapy ….

True long-term better health also requires lifestyle changes to help the body recover and maintain that all-important balance and ability to self-regulate. While treatment can help the body address issues that have arisen, the Bioresonance approach to health sees prevention as being the first line of defense!  In other words, it is much easier to avoid getting affected by those things that create the environment in which ill health can develop, that disrupt the homeostatic balance and natural self-regulation, then to resolve the issues when it has!

So Bioresonance Therapy incorporates lifestyle changes to protect your health, looking at all those factors that affect your body’s balance that we talked about before – EMFs, chemicals and poor high acidic diets, for example – and the good news is …. it isn’t complicated!  Eating a healthy low acidic food, ensuring you stay well hydrated, reducing your exposure to harmful electromagnetic frequencies from mobiles, Wi-Fi, and electrical equipment, for instance, and staying as clear from chemicals in your daily life as much as you can form the necessary steps you need to take.

So hopefully you know have a better idea of what BaPS Bioresonance is, how it could help you together with some of the things you need to consider when looking at improving your health but where to start?…

The secret is a multi-level approach….

As noted above, healing, and restoring balance and self-regulation in the body requires you to address the underlying causes, the reasons why symptoms developed and you became unwell, together with repairing any damage caused, to allow the body to self-regulation, and making simple lifestyle changes to protect and maintain your better health.

Here at the Rayoo, we use a bespoke treatment protocol to help resolve health issues and regain well-being. Taking BaPS Bioresonance as its core, the practical, common sense and easy to follow approach uniquely combines Bioresonance, together with diet and nutritional advice, environmental detoxing, to not only resolve underlying disturbances to the body and reinstate healthy balance, so necessary, as you can hopefully now see, for good health, but also to give you the knowledge and confidence to know how to retain and protect your own health and well-being into the future.  After all, if you’re taking time and effort to improve your health, you want to keep it that way!

So could BaPS Bioresonance Therapy, and a Bioresonance approach to restoring and maintaining better health help you?  

Would you like know more about how you become ill, the causes of those persistent, irritating symptoms, and what you can do to start to resolve them finally?

If you do then why not come to us and find out more about BaPS Bioresonance, treatment options and your health and well-being, and also help you begin your journey back to better well-being?