“A Video about Bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt”

Bio-resonance is most simply explained by using an example from nature. Surely, the oldest kind of biological resonance is our sunlight. If the sunlight touches our skin, it turns brown. This is, however, not caused by the skin warming up, otherwise we would also gain a bronzed skin tone by simply visiting the sauna. The reason for the tanning effect lies in the ultraviolet rays, which are part of the sunlight Ultraviolet light with a wave length of 10-400nm is able to stimulate pigmentation of the skin, a regulation system integrated in our skin, which starts pigmentation when exposed exactly to this frequency of sunlight, causing it to appear tanned. Pigmentation of the skin is only one of the regulations prompted by the sunlight, another one is the stimulation of vitamin D production.

It is not hard to understand, that there are other frequencies beside this narrow frequency band of the sunlight, which also trigger off their own regulations. Way back in the year of 1976, it was Paul Schmidt, who realized the connection between the application of a frequency and its regulation properties towards the organisms of humans, animals and plants. With this, he founded the exogenous (affecting from the outside) bioresonance. In these correlations, let me also mention the endogenous Bioresonance, which works with the body’s own oscillation patterns.

Let’s return to that word “bio resonance”. The word Bioresonance consists of two parts, for one, there is bio, which stresses the natural characteristics of the method, the second word part is resonance, which can only take place, when objects with identical oscillation abilities respond to each other. A very plain description of resonance is given with the example of a tuning fork, If you place two identical tuning forks side by side, with not too much space in between, and then hit one of the forks to cause the emanation of its characteristic oscillation, the other fork, which has not been touched, also starts to resonate along with it. As a result, both forks resonate with identical frequencies, therefore sending out the same tone.

This only works, if the tuning forks standing beside one another are identical. On repeating the experiment with two different tuning forks, the tuning fork swinging first will not be able to trigger off the second fork, because it has no resonance ability. If we transfer this phenomenon to the bio-resonance, we have already found the explanation, why the bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt is also called the gentle bio-resonance; taking the biological window into account, it is not possible to achieve side effects. A ‘wrong’ frequency is unable to find a resonance spot in the organism, therefore it results in no effect whatsoever – but neither in a regulation. Therefore, the bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt concentrates on finding and then applying frequencies; you might picture this process as the re-activation of tuning forks in the organism, which are not resonating.

About the biological window that was explained with the help of the effects of sunlight on the skin; surely, some of you not only thought of the tan gained by sunbathing, but also of the sunburn, which may occur instead. Therefore, there must be certain criteria, which have to be maintained, in order to trigger off a regulation of the body. The example sunlight allows us to determine several criteria. One is the period of time, during which the frequencies affect the body – an adequate sunbathing period is beneficial to our health; if this period is exceeded, however, we must even protect ourselves from the sun. Another decisive factor is the intensity of radiation. In technological terms, we talk about the amplitude of an oscillation. If the sun is weak, we can expose our bodies to its rays for a long time. If it is very strong, a few minutes are all we can bear. A further decisive criterion is the frequency itself. If we filter the ultraviolet frequency spectrum out of the sunlight, ‘tanning’ will not occur, which proves, that the right frequency for a regulation must be present. The right kind of oscillation for application also applies to the biological window. For example, there are harmonious oscillations (i.e. the sunlight) or rectangle-shaped oscillating forms, (computer technique) or triangle shaped oscillating forms, used, for example, in stimulation therapy. As a final criterion, the rotational properties of the oscillation must be mentioned, which can stabilize the left or right rotating fields in the organism.

If these criteria are maintained, you remain within the biological window and can affect the body in the positive sense. If the criteria are all maintained, but the oscillation form, for example, is altered, you are still within the biological window – but the body is destabilized with this alteration. This is exactly the one main problem with mobiles, radio telephones and the complete wireless technology (wireless data connection between different components). It is within the biological window, but with inharmonious oscillation shapes.

Therefore, bio-resonance according to Paul Schmidt is a gentle bio-resonance, because the criteria mentioned above all are applied in the sense of harmonization exclusively. The way they are designed, in the worst case, the corresponding bio-resonance devices achieve no regulation at all, but never will they do any harm. The experience of the past 20 years confirms this very impressively. Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt uses harmonious oscillations only.

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