Chakra Balancing

Conventional energy medicine philosophy recognizes the actual existence of seven essential energy centers within the human body. These energy centers, called Chakras, have been known about in eastern medicine for thousands of years. Most hands-on healers or intuitives can feel these energy centers and can often also determine what state they are in.

Chakras are energy processing centers, and their health and efficiency have an impact upon the overall state of balance of the body. In one respect chakras are portals to a higher frequency of universal energy – with each one bringing in a specific quality such as love, communication, creativity, and grounding. These energies are fed into the human system (not just human, animals have variations on this too) and are integrated throughout on multiple frequencies of expression – a bit like how various BBC Radio channels can co-exist around a radio receiver, but you generally only tune in to one frequency (channel) at a time.

The role of the seven chakras can be broadly divided into three groups:

  • The higher chakras, which govern the spiritual and mental levels of expression
  • The middle chakra, which provides the bridge between the two other levels
  • The lower chakras, which govern the more physical needs

The Higher Chakras:

The higher chakras are concerned with the connection to the universe and the divine, thought processes, cognitive reasoning, and communications.

Crown Chakra

When in balance it connects you to higher parts of yourself and your spirituality. When out of balance it can lead to confusion, boredom, decline, and loss of identity. People who are not spiritually minded will generally have a slightly under-developed chakra here.

Brow Chakra

When in balance it leads to clear thinking, intuition, and a clear discernment between reality and fantasy. It is also the intellectual center, providing the source of intuitive thought. When out of balance it can lead to sleep problems, fatigue, depression, and difficulties with assertiveness. When overactive one can become too immersed in a fantasy world.

Throat Chakra

When in balance it is the center for self-expression, communication, and for speaking your truth. When out of balance the communication can become blocked or muddled (e.g. shyness), and this can lead to physical issues with the throat such as frequent infections.

Middle Chakra:

Heart Chakra

This is regarded as the center point between the higher and the lower chakras. It is the center for the expression of love – both for the self, and for others and the world. When in balance it allows for a deep connection to everything, and for compassion for people and animals. An out of balance heart chakra means that love is missing from life – any decision made that affects others will unfortunately lack this important factor.

The Lower Chakras

The lower chakras are concerned with the practical needs of living life – having a sense of security, adventure, sexuality, and creativity.

Solar Plexus Chakra

When in balance it can lead to a deeply fulfilling emotional life, a strong sense of identity and will, and confidence. When out of balance it leads to low self-esteem, little confidence, and swings of emotion.

Sacral Chakra

The creativity center that also governs sexuality. When in balance it allows you to feel passion, intuition, and resolve. When out of balance one can lack direction, feel disconnected, or be either over or under emotional (depending upon the type of imbalance).

Base Chakra

When in balance it governs the sense of survival, instinct and grounding into the earth. When out of balance it can make you feel underground, anxious, and dizzy.

The Bioresonance system is a powerful tool for maintaining and repairing the chakras and auric field of the body, and can be used to help maintain basic chakra health or for working with specific problems due to damage.

Chakra Imbalance Conditions

There are a variety of ways in which a chakra can become out of balance, and the Bioresonance system has a powerful automated system for checking for a range of problems – and for trying to re-establish the ideal state of balance between all of them. If a chakra is closed then it is often a result of a semi-conscious decision not to have that center functioning – for example, individuals who are denied love or are in a hostile relationship might keep their heart chakras closed in order to reduce the painful emotions that will otherwise be felt there. Somebody who is often criticized for their opinions might end up with their throat chakra closed in order to stop speaking about things that might earn a negative reaction. Finally, with the current ongoing financial recession around the world many people are in fear of losing their job and that affects their security center – the base chakra – and can cause imbalance at that point too, compounding the anxiety even further. It is this negative spiral which – if it continues to get worse and to feed itself – can lead to an overall breakdown; if left untreated can take months or even years from which to recover. In these cases the Bioresonance system will suggest to the whole body that the affected chakras be opened and become balanced again, but at the same time it will try to identify any psychology behind the closure and try to remedy these too.

Conversely, the opposite problem can occur in which chakras can become over-active. Occasionally you might meet somebody who just talks and talks to excess – this may be a consequence of a hyperactive throat chakra, whereas an inability to sleep at night due to “busy mind syndrome” will have an over-active brow chakra. The introduction of meditation into daily routine can help manage this, but Bioresonance systems can also be of immediate assistance in discharging the over-activity at deep levels, and regulating the state of the chakras into balance.

A third cause of imbalance in chakras is when there is actual damage, which will cause the flow of energy from them into the whole body to become distorted. In modern society there are sadly many things that can cause this – particularly recreational drugs which often break open the chakras by force and allow all sorts of random psychic debris to get it and lead to all sorts of health and psychological problems. Quite often this kind of damage also leads to strong addictions, so all kinds of health deterioration occurs. One health clinic in the United Kingdom which uses Bioresonance system for their work with heroin drug addicts can reduce the time for “cold turkey” (i.e. the time during which the worst of the withdrawal symptoms are felt) from four weeks down to one – an impressive improvement!

Sometimes a chakra can become damaged simply by a jolt of energy from the outside environment – there are some people walking around who carry so much trauma in their energy field that they can literally blow other people’s chakra systems just by being within their energy field – rare, but it does happen. Furthermore, exposure to a targeted negative energy such as intense anger, hatred or jealousy can also cause damage to the chakra.

Each chakra has a protective energetic field around it which stops a lot of low-frequency energy getting in, but like a castle wall during a cannon attack these defenses can be breached and then any manner of energetic rubbish can get in – and good energy can leak out, or be reached by other people in a parasitic fashion. Part of the energy balancing protocols of the Bioresonance system look for such damage to the chakras, and to the energy system of the body as a whole, and applies remedies as appropriate to kick-start the body’s repair mechanisms.

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