What are we talking about when we say Bioresonance?

“Everything in the world has a spirit and this spirit becomes audible by setting it into vibration” – Oskar Fischinger

Bioresonance therapy is a new unique method of therapy that is using organic oscillations of the human body.

The main principals of this therapy can be described like this: human body and its functioning systems are sources of extremely low-level electromagnetic oscillations (internal static) in a wideband spectrum of frequencies. These oscillations are called “physiological” or “harmonious” oscillations. When a human body is disposed to pathogenic factors or is ill, some new sources of electromagnetic oscillations are being formed there, i.e. pathological or disharmonious oscillations. They distort physiological balance breaking self-regulated system of the men’s body.

Physical, psychological, ecological and other kinds of stresses are making the situation worse stimulating the development of pathological processes and upsetting the dynamic balance. Nevertheless this process can be dealt with by using bioenergenic correction. Human body oscillations (signals) are of electromagnetic origin therefore it is possible to identify unhealthy electromagnetic oscillations (internal static) via electrodes placed on the body. These frequencies are then inverted in the special device where a special work on them is done and after that they return to the patient whose electromagnetic field immediately reacts to these therapeutic signals and corrected oscillations go back to the device. In other words, bioresonance therapy sends into the body specific electromagnetic frequencies and biofeedback information that are native to the healthy functioning of every organ and tissue, thus tonifying body systems. As a result of such therapy pathological oscillations get weaker or completely suppress, on the other hand physiological oscillations intensify. Physiological and dynamic balance of the human body (homeostasis) gets gradually restored.

Due to this unique technology it became possible to record distinctive for each patient electromagnetic oscillations spectrum to different kinds of information storages used for internal use between the bioresonance therapy sessions.

A Revolutionary Diagnostic Tool

Bioresonance is an aid to diagnosis and treatment which makes use of a revolutionary diagnostic tool, the Bioresonance Machine.

Every substance, inert or organic, emits its own electromagnetic energy. The highly sophisticated Bioresonance Machine can register the emissions from, for example, an organic substance like pollen or a particular food. The emission can then be checked for compatibility with the patient. This is how the machine is used for Allergy Testing.
As a diagnostic tool the machine can be used to test a patient for bacteria, candida, fungi, heavy metals, pesticides, environmental pollutants and for vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Many items are checked to make an assessment of how you can best be treated for your particular health problem.

Body screening

The machine can also be used to measure energy on acupuncture points on the hands and feet which correlate to twenty organs in the body: liver, kidneys, lungs, large intestine etc.

The screening is carried out quickly and is completely safe and painless. The readings give a comprehensive picture of the body’s energy balance and organ function in order to identify persistent health problems.

Treatment by Bioresonance

Bioresonance Therapy may be likened to electrical acupuncture without the use of needles.
After completion of the full body screening, the results can be used to correct imbalances in the body’s energy field. The machine takes electromagnetic energy information from your body, modifies it, and feeds it back in a way that counteracts energy imbalances. This process enhances regulation and detoxification of the body which raises the immune system, ultimately improving your health.

The concept of bioresonance is very similar to that of a child riding a swing. If the pumping action of the legs and the distribution of the weight to gravity is in a resonance harmony with the swing action, then the child will gradually increase the swing to a higher and higher degree, until the amount of energy displaced by the pumping action has reached its maximum, meaning that the swing action has reached its highest zenith. Another example of this is seen when a singer shatters a glass by singing a certain pitch. If the glass’s shape has a certain type of periodic structure, the resonance between the note and the structure can produce an ever-increasing vibration fed by the push of the singer. This can destroy the glass by making it vibrate past its stable level.

Viruses, bacteria and fungi all have resonant frequencies. The Bioresonance system is designed the challenge and test the total bioresonance patterns in the patient. This can provide significant insight into the health and sickness of a patient.
Since computers can control input and output pulses, we can design a system to completely perform energetic medicine. The computer can act as a signal generator or a frequency counter. Since the ionic exchanges of reaction take place in the body at speeds in the centi-second range our computer can easily interact to measure the energetic components of the body. Then with a feedback loop, the computer can auto-focus treatment using bioresonance

Almost any condition will benefit from Bioresonance therapy


This method is non-invasive, painless and suitable to use at any age.  Using a device like the Rayonex PS 1000 device (See Below) it is possible to pick up electromagnetic oscillations from the body.  Good health is facilitated by strengthening these natural oscillations and/or cancelling out pathological oscillations.

Rayonex PS 1000 Polar


It is believed that the real cause of chronic disease is the accumulation of different kinds of toxins in the body.

Accumulated toxins block the body’s cells ability to receive oxygen, nutrients and eliminate metabolic wastes. The toxins eventually enter the cells and produce symptoms of chronic illness.

Bioresonance therapy uses resonance frequencies to safely diagnose and test energy imbalances.

With Bioresonance therapy the resonance frequencies of the body, bacteria, viruses, eSmog, heavy metals, fungi, parasites, etc can be used to safely diagnose and test energy imbalances.  Through Bioresonance an inverse oscillation pattern of energy of the toxin is sent to the body to cancel out its electromagnetic charge.  This allows the immune system to easily remove the remains of the toxin from the body.  Therefore together with lifestyle, diet and psychological well-being it is possible to facilitate the body’s own abilities to restore itself to a healthy state.


Could you benefit from Bioresonance Therapy?

Do you want to start to turn your ill health into good health?


At Rayoo we help you uncover these hidden obstacles that are hindering your efforts to improve your health and identify potential solutions to these including things you can do now to start seeing improvements.  Just think – you could come away from the session and start to improve your health straight away in ways you previously couldn’t have imagined.


A Brief History


Bioresonance therapy in its current form is a relatively new application

Systems such as the Rayonex PS 1000 Polar and other associated approaches have being developed over the last 20 years.  However, the concepts of bioresonance and the use of electromagnetic fields for identifying problems within the body and addressing these has been used for much longer and in many different formats.

The first recorded use of electricity for healing dates from 2750BC when sick people were exposed to shocks from electric eels.  Luckily we have progressed to better methods since then!  Use of magnets and other approaches began around the early 1700s however medical electricity had its golden era between the late 1700s and the early 1900s.  During this time a variety of electrical healing devices were developed and widely used by physicians for treating a range of ailments, though many with little scientific basis. Much of this usage, and the associated research, enabled the development of many modern medical techniques, for example electromyography.

Bioresonance began to be developed into its current form through the work of Tesla and his investigations into resonance.

The term ‘Bioresonance Therapy’ was finally coined in 1987 by the Brugemann Institute being based on the work of Dr Morell from the 70s using signals from the body itself to carry out an individual therapy.  These concepts were developed further during the 70s and 80s with the emergence of the approaches seen today.


Bioresonance Today


The field of Bioresonance Therapy continues to be developed with approaches and the associated equipment being regularly updated to take account of the changing world we live in, and therefore the differing disturbances the body is subjected to, for example, eSmog and environmental toxins which have greatly increased in recent years to become one of the major causes of ill health.  Ongoing research and scientific testing ensures that Bioresonance Therapy not only stays current and at the forefront of facilitating health but is able to become more widely accepted and used.

The Sauerland Pyramids Rayonex Schwingungstechnik GmbH is a long established and reputable German company well known in the field, treating over 30,000 patients daily around the world.


Rayonex Headquarters – The Sauerland Pyramids

The fundamental research work on which the Rayonex products are based was conducted by the German engineer Paul Schmidt who developed devices using harmonic frequencies which have a positive influence on human regulatory mechanisms. Rayonex uses the most up to date production technology, and has achieved the DIN EN 9001 quality assurance award and the DIN EN 46001 product quality standard. Rayonex is constantly refining and extending the application of its products and is the leading bio resonance company in Germany.


RAYONEX not only teaches an integral way of viewing life, they also live up to it, and the Sauerland Pyramids illustrate this attitude perfectly. Before construction could commence, an interference-free location had to be found. The complete lay-out was chosen to admit only insignificant traces of electro-magnetic pollution inside the pyramids. The lighting conditions inside are almost analogous to natural sunlight. The complete Sauerland Pyramid complex is heated with geothermal energy, solar concepts were integrated, and a system for recycling rainwater was installed and so on.


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