About Rayoo

Rayoo Health Technology Research Center started its activities in 2017 to research and develop new technologies for health assessment.

As the research arm of the Nanotechnology and Tissue Engineering Research Center of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in using bioelectromagnetic methods, this center is trying to open a new chapter in human body evaluation and disease prevention.

The use of modern methods of analysis of the human body to comprehensively assess the health of individuals for early diagnosis and elimination of the causes of diseases instead of late efforts to treat the complications of diseases and designing and compiling the most comprehensive health record of people has been the focus of this center.

The activities of this center include holding a Rayonex training course in Iran, cooperating with Ifmark Center (FIFA Medical Center in Iran) in pre-season examinations of the Iranian Football Premier League, compiling health screening projects, and conducting research projects to verify and match different Diagnostic methods.