What is eSmog?

Electronic Smog, or eSmog as it is more commonly known, is the accumulation of electromagnetic fields.

Did you know that our technology-driven lives could be detrimentally affecting our health in ways you may not have realized and that the eSmog they emit may be the reason why you’re struggling to get well?

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you what eSmog, or EMFs, actually are, why all those labor-saving devices, entertainment hubs and smart technology you own may be doing you more harm than good, and what you need to want right now to improve and protect your health.

Fields which are emitted from all sorts of electrical appliances, wiring, mobile phones and satellite based communications, for example.  Described as ‘smog’ these fields create a blanket effect around us which, if visible, would look with a fog over almost everything, with particularly dense patches hovering around the sources such as cordless phone bases, Wi-Fi routers, mobile phones and computers to name but a few.

Like real smog, eSmog can have serious effects on our health…

The recent rise in the incidence of a large number of medical conditions such as asthma, allergies in general, various cancers, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and chronic fatigue, for instance,  are beginning to be attributed to electromagnetic exposure.

Electro-sensitive people have been aware of the impact of eSmog for some time often experiencing a wide range of unpleasant symptoms when exposed to these electromagnetic fields with some being so sensitive that they can instantly tell whether a device is switched on or off.

How does eSmog affect the Body?

eSmog interferes with the body’s healing process…

Intense and even weak electromagnetic fields emitted from any electrical or electronic equipment will interact with and affect the human body’s weak electromagnetic fields, therefore interfering with the natural healing process.

Ultimately this leads to ill health…

The disease occurs through a disturbance of the electromagnetic fields in the cells of the body which become disordered and incoherent as a result of interference from electromagnetic fields.  Cell membranes become more porous allowing increased amounts of harmful substances and toxins into the cell with electromagnetic fields causing damage to DNA and the breakup of other key molecules in the body.

Signs of ill health vary…

How this ill health manifests in an individual is determined by the individual’s own constitution and current health but in all cases problems occur due to a weakening in the body’s energy fields meaning that children with developing immune systems and ill or sick people are more prone to the effects of electromagnetic fields and are therefore most at risk!

What can you do about eSmog?

eSmog is almost impossible to avoid entirely…

eSmog is all around us, and with the continuing rise in the use of electrical and electronic equipment, it is nearly impossible to avoid exposure entirely.  However, there are measures you can take to reduce this exposure and limit the damage.

Protect where you sleep as a priority

The bedroom is the most critical place to start.  It is here that you spend up to 7 or 8 hours every night laid in one area being potentially continually exposed to harmful fields.  It is also during sleep that the body is at its most susceptible to outside energetic influences, and when the majority of its repair and regeneration activities takes place. Try to keep your bedroom free of technology and electrical equipment as possible.

Reduce & remove sources of eSmog

Think – does that source of eSmog have to be as close to me as it is? If it does can it be turned off when not in use, and if it can be turned off can it be unplugged too? Electrical equipment that is switched off but still plugged in will continue to emit specific harmful frequencies.

Check everywhere including where you can’t see!

 Bricks and mortar do not stop electromagnetic fields, wood or stone so when considering possible sources also remember to check what is on the over the side of the wall and below the floor!

EMFs or eSmog is potentially one of the sneakiest health saboteurs we face today

While it would be almost impossible to live life without our electronic devices and everyday technology, ignoring they’re less than the tremendous potential impact on our health may also now not be an option. Isn’t it time you became more aware of eSmog? Can you afford not to?

Want to know if eSmog is making you ill?

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