Is Your Home Or Work Place Making You Sick?

Does your health improve when you are away from home or do you feel better on a weekend when not at work?

Did you know that it could where you are spending your time rather than what you are doing that’s making you sick.

We are going to share with you what is probably one of the most overlooked causes of illness, and how to combat the detrimental effect your house or workplace may be having on you.

So do you feel more ill in some places than others or has your health deteriorated since you moved home or office? If so your workplace or property may be affected by Geopathic Stress.

Described as disturbances in the natural energies from the earth, geopathic stress disrupts the body’s own electromagnetic frequencies and delicate energetic balance.

Spending time in geopathic stress can lead to illness.

When you spend a long time in a geopathically stressed area a stress response is created in the body leading to raised blood pressure, ineffective digestion and raised acidity in the body which over time can lead to a weakened immune system.

Geopathology is a science that deals with the study of pathologic (sickening, harmful) energies emitted from the earth that interfere with the healthy functioning of cell metabolism in our body. Geopathic Stress mainly occurs from natural sources, but can be caused, as well, by man-made electro-magnetic devices and applications such as cell phones, computers, power lines, etc. 

European Science has researched this topic for nearly a century and provides important insights about the significance on longterm and chronic health challenges.

So What Is Geostress?

‘Geo’ means ‘Earth’. The meaning of ‘pathic’ seems to be paradoxially conflicting as per subject experts. The term may indicate ‘disease’ or ‘cure for diseases’. It may also indicate perceptions to certain energies, or may be a response to a specific energy. ‘Geopathic stress’, thus, commonly refers to harmful Earth radiation or negative Earth energy, which is believed to harm the health and well-being of people.

The Earth functions as a giant electromagnet, and creates a natural electromagnetic field at its surface. When weak electromagnetic fields are caused due to man-made creations, negative energy is radiated from the Earth’s surface. Geopathic stress is a term used to indicate this negative energy. The electromagnetic radiations emitting from these stress lines are said to severely impair the immune system of the human body.

Geopathic stress is believed to cause harm to every living being in its vicinity. The thick black lines in the image indicate geopathic stress lines, and the bed placed exactly on top of the intersection of these lines indicates that the person is likely to experience the severe effects of geopathic stress, like fatigue, tiredness, depression, etc.

Though majority of people have come to know of the existence of this term just recently, the belief that geopathic stress lines are harmful has existed since ages. To put it in the words of one syllable, a change in the Earth’s energies results in geopathic stress. That is to say, when you are present in and around geopathic stress lines, your body vibrates at a higher frequency than the Schumann Resonance (7.83Hz). This measure is supposed to be closest to the range of alpha human brainwaves. Any distortion with this frequency level results in the formation of a stress zone. Those areas that are tampered with this distortion (due to many reasons) become geopathic stress lines. Thus, your brain interaction with the other body cells also occurs at a higher frequency than the required safe level. This results in more exposure to negative energies and harmful electromagnetic radiation, consequently weakening the immune system.

Why exactly these energies occur or cause harm is relatively unknown. However, believers have one thing to state with absolute certainty – geopathic stress is very dangerous. It may severely harm your health, well-being, and prosperity – so much so, that returning to a stress-free life may seem impossible, unless one neutralizes their living area. Different people react differently to geopathic stress, based on their sensitivity.

Types of Geopathic Stress

The basic three types of naturally occurring Geopathic Stress are underground watercourses, earth grid systems and geologic anomalies or earth fractures.

Water veins are underground water courses – the water that flows through underground passages, fractures, rocks, and fissures. These streams create a magnetic field of their own, with a frequency that fluctuates depending on various factors like water flow, external energy interaction, dissolved substances, etc. This is an interference to the Earth’s natural energy field, and causes geopathic stress.
The energy from water veins drains the body’s bioenergetic field and impairs the human body immune system. The effect of this energy can be felt in an apartment located up to the 20th floor, irrespective of how deep the source is under the ground. If one sleeps over an underground water system (that is, if the building/bedroom is located on top of the water source), one may wake up without any reason in the middle of the night. Weakness and depression may also be observed. It might get troublesome to get out of bed in the morning. Even babies may keep crying all night if their crib is located on the source of geopathic stress.
The Hartmann grid was described by an eminent German doctor – Dr. Ernst Hartmann. It is a 3D structure of radiations that form invisible walls, and which is magnetically oriented from North to South. The walls are 9 inches wide, and repeat in intervals of 2m from North to South, and 2.5m from East to West. Where the lines in the grid intersect, stress zones are formed. The space between the lines is a neutral zone.
The Hartmann grid is believed to be the first global grid of its kind. Dr. Hartmann states that, the Earth’s magnetic field is composed of alternating lines that are positive and negatively charged. When these lines intersect, the intersection point (or grid crossing) may consist of double positive and negative charges. These points create a geopathic stress zone. The space between the lines remains neutral. However, if someone/something is located exactly at the grid crossing, the effects are profound. If someone’s bed is located on top of a Hartmann intersection point, the person is likely to experience sleeplessness, depression, and disease. If someone’s workplace is located exactly on top of the intersection point, the person may experience financial and professional life troubles. Also, the intensity of these lines is believed to increase by three or four times during the night.

The Curry grid was described by Dr. Wittmann and published by Dr. Manfred Curry. This network consists of natural electrically charged lines that are diagonal to the poles. It runs from South to North and West to East. It is a 3D structure that consists of 3.5m × ۳.۵m squares.

The Benker grid was named after professional dowser Anton Benker. Also called the Benker Cube, this is a 3D cubical structure that consists of rows and columns measuring 10m. Every cube is alternately positively and negatively charged. When exposure to either cube exceeds a certain limit, the consequences are dangerous. Electromagnetic radiations further stimulate the negative effects and create potentially harmful geopathic stress zones.

Geological faults are natural structures – underground caverns, mines, mineral deposits, etc., and man-made structures – quarries, tunnels, etc. As the Earth’s tectonic plates move and slide, a massive crushing of material occurs, leading to rock faults, and fissures, fractures. This leads to the formation of high particle energy and emission of radon gas, which affect the Earth’s natural magnetic energy. Thus, these faults produce the same effect as that of grid crossings.

Man-made devices like laptops, cell phones, electric poles, antennas, electric cables, microwave ovens, power lines, etc., cause weak artificial electromagnetic fields that emit toxic radiations. As the dependency on these devices increases, more and more artificial and dangerous energy fields are formed, leading to an increase in the intensity of geopathic stress zones.

Floorplan evaluation with underground water and an earth grid

typical floorplan with superimposed Geopathic Stress zones indicating a Benker grid(green) and an underground water stream (blue).

Short evaluation:

Pos 1: masterbed touches the grid only slightly, mostly o.k.
Pos 2: child’s bed needs attention, badly effected,
Pos 3&4: living room, chair (3) and sofa (4) should be moved.
Pos 5: kitchen is kind of o.k., as the time spent there is limited, avoid the seat on the right bench, if possible.

Geopathology throughout history

The idea that some spots on the earth were better than others for people to live has been around for thousands of years. In fact, the ancient practice of Feng Shui has a lot more to do with finding an energetically optimal place to build a home than with where to hang wind chimes, place a mirror, or set a pair of porcelain love birds to enhance the “relationship corner”.

Old European traditions still describe scenarios where a herd of sheep was observed before a house was built. The spot where the sheep bedded down for the night would be the best area, specifically for the master bedroom, as it was free of Geopathic Stress.

The first notable study in recent history was conducted by Gustav Freiherr von Pohl, a German aristocrat, in 1929. Freiherr von Pohl conducted an experiment where he dowsed a whole small town, Vilbisburg, for Geopathic Stress. He was accompanied by a policeman to insure that he did not ask questions of the town inhabitants. The results were then taken to the town mayor who compared the results with the town doctors’ records of patients with cancer over the previous several years. The results produced a 100% correlation between cancer and Geopathic Stress. The experiment was repeated in larger and smaller towns with always the same results – 100% correlation. Naturally, those involved thought they had found a cure for cancer, but unfortunately, WW2 broke out, and the academics scattered and the knowledge was lost – for some time.

In 1952, German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann identified the frequency of the Earth’s magnetic field to be 7.83Hz. Contrary to popular belief, Schumann resonance is not just this number, but is a collection of electromagnetic resonant frequencies between the surface of the Earth’s atmosphere and the denser part of the Earth’s ionosphere. 7.83Hz is close to the bottom of the ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) range, which is said to be safe for humans.
Schumann Resonance (7.83Hz), the natural resonant frequency of the Earth’s magnetic field, is likely to be disturbed due to phenomena such as underground water, geological fault lines, and mineral deposits like coal and iron.

Recent Studies

seven year study (۱۹۸۸-۱۹۹۵) in Germany conducted by Andreas Kopschina and Ursula & Wolfgang Daun, involving ۸۲۰۰ patients, measured the ability of patients to recover from chronic illness, regardless of the type of conventional or integrative therapy. 34% of patients were exposed to significant levels of Geopathic Stress. The study showed that until a person was taken off the Geopathic structure, their capacity to heal was greatly impaired.

Ulrike Banis, MD, ND, author of “Geopathic Stress – and What You Can Do About It”, has integrated the knowledge of Geopathic Stress into her medical practice with categorical success. From her former stance as a staunch skeptic she now reports, “…but my experience – being a medical professional myself – is that at least 30% of all chronic medical conditions are derived from this cause – or to put it differently, our patients would be, on average, 30% healthier if we manage to find good sleeping places for everyone.”

Dr. Banis uses dowsing to identify areas of Geopathic Stress for her patients. She recommends patients move their sleeping place to an area free of Geopathic Stress zones. She then prescribes homeopathic remedies to detox the body of the charge Geopathic Stress causes in a person’s energy field.

Signs of Exposure to Geopathic Stress

Chronic fatigue, extreme weakness, and other immunity-related disorders may be indicative of you suffering from geopathic stress. You may have a serious, terminal illness, or, perhaps someone in your house may be suffering from a terminal illness that does not respond to any aggressive, modern medicine. You may also feel depressed, sad, and anxious all the times. You may sense an unnecessary presence, feel unwelcome, have cold vibes, and every negative influence possible.
Other potential problems of geopathic stress includes cardiovascular deficiency, attention deficit disorder, immune deficiency disorders, and chronic fatigue. Some lesser effects of influence are chronic body pains, headaches, sudden signs of physical aging, irritability, and restless sleep. It is also a common factor in cases of infertility and miscarriages, learning difficulties, behavioral problems and neurological disabilities in children.

Strangely, however, Geostress is not detrimental to all things.  Cats and bees, for instance, often deliberately seek out geopathically stressed areas.  So where your cat always likes to sleep or where you find a bee’s nest may give you an indication of a geopathically stressed zone, and somewhere you should avoid!

Spending a long period of time in a geopathically stressed can ultimately result in an exhausted immune system leading to the development of disease.  It is thought that Geostress, for instance, is a major aspect in the development of cancer with many studies suggesting that a significant number of cancer patients reviewed lived or spent considerable periods of time in geopathically stressed areas.

Children particularly are susceptible to this type of disturbance, often showing signs of behavioral problems or under achievement at school, unusual or late bed wetting tendencies, or unexplained recurring aliments with symptoms often worse on wakening or during the night, for example.

How to Protect Your Health from Geostress?

  • disturbed sleeping patterns, or waking up feeling tried and irritable.  If you suspect geostress try changing where you sleep, either by swapping sides with your partner and seeing if he/she begins to feel unwell, or moving the position of the bed altogether.  Do bear in mind though that you may be moving to an equally disturbed or even more disturbed area, so if you don’t see an improvement after a period of time try moving again!

Avoid geostressed areas. A similar approach needs to be taken to other areas where you spend long periods of time, for instance working or watching television, and where children place.

Despite having such a significant impact on our well-being, Geostress is possibly one of the least considered causes of ill health.

Addressing its negative impacts is therefore possibly one of the most crucial things you can do to protect not only your own health but also the health of all those who live in your property.

Want To Know If Geostress Is Making You Sick?

We will help you uncover this or other potential hidden obstacles that are hindering your efforts to improve your health and identify potential solutions to these including things you can do now to start seeing improvements.

Just think – you could come away from the session and start to improve your health straight away in ways you previously couldn’t have imagined.

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